Greenham Sustainability Report 2022

Fuel Consumption With restrictions lifted, 2022 has seen the first year of business being ‘open as usual’, enabling our teams to visit customers. Despite an increase in travel compared to 2021 and 2020, we have reduced our fuel consumption by 8% from 2021, and 24% since 2019. This is primarily due to the uptake of technology to conduct meetings online, working with customers to create smarter ordering profiles and vehicle optimisation. The amount of diesel used in our commercial vehicles has fallen 15.1% since 2019, largely due to the continued use of vehicle telematics and our route optimization system, Verizon Connect. 2022 has seen our second year with the permanent inclusion of solar film matting in our fleet. Now on board 7 vehicles in Greenham, this technology charges an auxiliary battery powering the lights, heating, radio and, most importantly, the tail lift. In September 2022, Greenham took delivery of two new electric 3.5t delivery vans, increasing the total in our fleet to three. These EV delivery vans, based in Manchester and Tottenham, are providing zero emissions deliveries to local customers whilst supporting a decrease in the overall footprint of Greenham deliveries.

24% decrease in fuel consumption since 2019






Protecting People Everyday

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