Greenham Sustainability Report 2022

Carbon Offsetting Service

This programme encourages changing behaviours and can offset delivery emissions to support our customers’ sustainability strategies. Whilst we do not see carbon offsetting as the solution to achieving net zero, we think it is important to account for the carbon emissions we can’t yet remove. Our customers are invited to participate in Carbon Offsetting to offset the emissions associated with their deliveries through Verified Carbon Standard schemes. This programme encourages changing behaviours and helps support our customers’ sustainability strategies. The offsets we support operate as a Tree Buddying scheme, meaning that UK tree planting projects are paired with Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) approved carbon credits to guarantee the carbon offsetting. This provides robust offsetting, together with the biodiversity and community benefits that tree planting brings. Projects supported by the Tree Buddying scheme are updated regularly, and vary from wind power projects in India to reducing deforestation in Brazil, Cambodia and Indonesia. UK tree planting schemes buddied with these projects pledge trees to schools and biodiversity sites across all 12 regions of the UK and Ireland where children can get involved in planting native broad leaf trees. Sites that have benefitted from these trees are plotted on a map which you can view here.






Protecting People Everyday

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