Greenham Sustainability Report 2022

Sustainable Product Award At Greenham, we have been working hard to develop a Sustainable Product Award, a visual indicator of a product’s sustainability to support decision-making by using an objective set of key sustainable attributes. An assessment of a customer’s contract quickly shows customers the sustainability performance of the products they choose against the selected criteria and helps to align alternatives with their priorities, whether it’s about plastics, non-toxic chemicals or recyclability. The Sustainable Product Award enables customers to make informed decisions on the products they buy, improves access to sustainable choices and drives positive change through our supply chain. Producer We assess the accreditation of the producer against ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001, environmental initiatives such as Net Zero target & energy supply, and Social Value such as charitable causes and corporate responsibility. Each product will be individually assessed and scored on it's sustainability based on the following:

Production We assess the geographical sourcing of materials, the main manufacture of the product and environmental initiatives such as water saving during manufacture.

Product We score the product on criteria such as materials used, their environmental impact at end-of-life and whether the product is eco-labelled.

Packaging We assess for both primary and secondary packaging, the sourcing and type of materials and inks used, end-of-life and closed-loop solutions.

Once a product has been scored, it will receive an overall award of Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Please bear with us whilst we work through all of our product categories.






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